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Graphic and interactive design of Derek Boateng, an art director/designer with over 10 years experience based in London.


Leave an Impression a Interactive Installation for Ballantines


Leave An Impression


AllofUs and Work Club joined forces in 2012 to create an innovative installation that allowed  passers by in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to leave an impression. Airports tend to strip you of your identity and the idea behind the installation was to let people express their personal creativity. 

The installation was created using three HD 46" screens placed into two custom built cases.

Software using Microsoft Kinect  technology created by the talented Chris Mullany analyses user's unique features as they approach the screens such as clothing colour, motion, gesture and distance to create a uniquely generated image reflecting the person along with generated lighting, and depth of field effects the final impression of the user is created and captured by the software and can be shared socially.

I was involved during the concept, storyboarding and design stages of the installation. Creating visual mockups of how the on screen graphics work at different stages of interaction, these designs then informed the look and feel of the website, and mobile sites.

Now in Zurich (July 2013) the live feed of images can be found at



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