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Graphic and interactive design of Derek Boateng, an art director/designer with over 10 years experience based in London.





Bold is a new eyewear brand founded in London England. With a mission to create unique premium modern eyewear. I was approached by the Founder of Bold London to help develop a new logo and identity.

The branding reflects Bold's strong confident aesthetic. Clean lines, geometric shapes and simple typographic treatment all serve to help the brand become instantly recognisable and sought after. The logo itself is an abstraction of St Leonard's church in East London. Through a process of distillation and refinement I picked out the most unique elements and explored the characteristics, which is a process I really enjoyed.

Geometric forms were explored throughout the design process, the detail within the new brand would mirror the innovative design of the upcoming eyewear (currently in production). Bold eyewear will use the best quality materials utilising simple and elegant finishes communicating Bold's key brand values of confidence, elegance and luxury.




Bold Development-08.jpg
Bold Development-11-04.jpg